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Windows Terminal is the default terminal application in Windows 11. Here are various easy ways to open Windows Terminal in Windows 11.

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 provides the new Windows Terminal as the default terminal application. There is no need to manually install it anymore. It is turned on by default. Compared to other terminal apps, Windows Terminal is modern, fast and powerful. If you have seen Windows Terminal, you know that it provides centralized access to all Windows shells in a tabbed user interface. The profile option allows you to create multiple profiles with different shell settings. In addition, the Windows Terminal offers a number of new options to help you achieve the look and feel you want. Needless to say, support for advanced features such as GPU rendering and panels is appreciated.

Additionally, you can open and use individual shells such as Command Prompt and PowerShell if you look for them in the Start menu. In Windows 11, however, you will most likely use Windows Terminal.

In Windows, there are multiple ways to open programs, and Windows Terminal is no different.

This easy and straightforward guide to Windows 11 will show you how to open Windows Terminal in Windows 11.

How to open Windows Terminal in Windows 11

Below are detailed instructions on how to open Windows Terminal in different ways.

  1. Open Windows Terminal from Win+X menu
  2. Create a command to open Windows Terminal
  3. Request Windows Terminal from Start menu
  4. <11Open Windows Terminal from File Explorer

Open Windows Terminal from Win+X menu

The most commonly used tools in Windows are always available in the Win+X menu. It is also called the “Power User” menu. Previously, Windows PowerShell was available in the Win+X menu. In Windows 11, this option has been replaced by Windows Terminal.

First, press the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut or right-click on the Start menu. From the menu that appears, select “Windows Terminal”.

Opening Windows Terminal with the Run Command

Similar to Command Prompt and PowerShell, you can also open Windows Terminal using the Run command.

First, open the Run command window by pressing the Windows key + R shortcut or by searching for “Run” in the Start menu. In the Run dialog box, type “wt” and press Enter or click the OK button.

Once this is done, Windows Terminal will open immediately with the default profile.

Request Windows Terminal from the Start menu

To open any program in Windows, it is common to find it in the Start menu. The same is true for Windows Terminal.

First, press the Start key or the Windows key to display the Start menu. Next, type “Windows Terminal” to start the search. This will display the Windows Terminal results at the top.Click on it or press Enter to open Windows Terminal in Windows 11.

It can also be opened from the “All Apps” screen. To do this, on the Start menu, click the All Apps button in the upper right corner, scroll down the list until you find the entry for “Windows Terminal” and click it.

Opening Windows Terminal from File Explorer

Did you know that you can open Windows Terminal directly from File Explorer? The main feature of this method is that it opens Windows Terminal directly in the folder you select, not in the default home or system32 folder.

To open Windows Terminal from File Explorer, open File Explorer by pressing the “Windows key + E” key and navigate to the selected folder. Next, right-click on an empty space in the folder and select “Open with Windows Terminal”.

This will open Windows Terminal in that folder.

That’s it. Opening the Windows Terminal in Windows 11 is that easy. If you think I’m missing some other practical way to open the app, let me know in the comments.

Hope this helps.

If you are stuck or need help, please comment below.

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