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Windows 11 keeps track of almost everything you do with the “Activity History” feature. Here is how to clear or delete Activity History in Windows 11.

Windows 11 includes an Activity History feature that tracks the apps you launch, files you open, services you use, websites you visit, and more. All activity history is stored locally. However, if you are logged into your Microsoft account, this activity history is shared and synchronized with your MS account.

Incidentally, Microsoft uses Activity History to display personalized information such as ads and app recommendations.

Activity History is useful for some people due to personalized information and recommendations. However, if you don’t like the way Windows tracks your activity and sends it to Microsoft’s servers, you can delete Activity History and disable it.

The good news is that deleting activity history in Windows 11 is easy. In fact, you can do this in Windows 11 or from the privacy settings of your Microsoft account. We will show you how to do both.

Now, let’s go through the steps to delete the activity history in Windows 11.

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Delete Activity History from Settings

<0the windows 11 settings app provided an option to delete activity history.

  1. Press ” Win + I ” to open Settings.
  2. Click on [ Privacy and Security ].
  3. Click on ” Activity History “.
  4. Click ” Clear ” button.
  5. Click ” OK ” on the confirmation screen.
  6. This deletes the activity history .

Detailed instructions:

You want to use the “Settings” application, so you must first open the “Settings” application. Find “Settings” in the “Start” menu or press the keyboard shortcut “Win + I”.

Once you open the Settings app in Windows 11, go to the “Privacy and Security” page from the sidebar.

Under the “Windows Access Rights” tab, find “Activity History” and click on it.

On the “Clear Activity History” tab, click the “Clear” button.

When a confirmation message appears, click the “OK” button.The activity history will be cleared immediately both locally and on the Microsoft server.

Clearing History from Microsoft Profile Page

You can also clear history from the Privacy page of your Microsoft profile. This method is useful if you do not have access to your Windows 11 device, or if you cannot see or control the type of activity you are deleting.

First, go to the Microsoft Account Privacy page. Please use the following link.

Once on the page, expand the “Application and Service Activity” tab and click the “Clear All Application and Service Activity” linkClick on the “Clear All Application and Service Activity” link.

When prompted for confirmation, click the “Clear” button.

If desired, you can also delete other activity records such as “Location Activity”, “Browsing History”, “Search History”, “Media Activity”, and “Application and Service Performance Data”.

You have now deleted Activity History from your Microsoft account.

That is all. Clearing Activity History in Windows 11 is very easy.

We hope this simple and easy guide to working with Windows 11 has been helpful.

If you get stuck or need help, please send me an email.

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