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Want to open web pages on schedule? Task Scheduling can do that. Here is how to open a web page on schedule using Task Scheduling.

Do you have a website or web page that you open at a certain time every day? For example, you may want to open a web page as soon as you join a company. In such a case, why not use a task scheduler to launch the URL at a specific scheduled time?

Recently, I have been in a situation where I have to open a Web page at a certain time every day. In such a case, I have to launch my browser and enter the URL manually. Of course, it is possible to manually create a reminder and open a web page in Windows or on your cell phone. But why go that far when you can use Task Scheduler to open web pages on your schedule?

Given the ease of use of Task Scheduler, opening a web page with Task Scheduler is a simple task. In such cases, you can use the Task Scheduler.

Opening a URL in Task Scheduler

To open a URL in Task Scheduler, you need to create a scheduled task. This is fairly simple.

  1. Click the Start icon on the taskbar.
  2. Open “Task Scheduler” from the Start menu
  3. Click on ” Create Basic Task ” in “Task Scheduler”.
  4. Enter a name in the ” Name ” field.
  5. Click the ” Next ” button.
  6. Select Trigger and click ” Next “.
  7. Select Schedule and repeat operation.
  8. Click ” Next ” button.
  9. Select ” Start Program ” and click ” Next “.
  10. Click the ” Browse ” button.
  11. Locate and select the exe file in your browser .
  12. Click the ” Open ” button.
  13. Add the web page address in the ” Add Argument ” field.
  14. Click the ” Next ” button.
  15. Confirm the settings and click ” Finish “.
  16. The scheduled job is created.
  17. You can now open the web page as scheduled in the Task Scheduler.

Detailed instructions:

First, open the Task Scheduler. To do so, open the Start menu, search for “task scheduler” and click on the result. You can also run the command “taskschd.msc”.

Once the Task Scheduler is open, click on the “Create Basic Task” option in the right sidebar.

Enter a name and description in the “Name” and “Description” fields. Click “Next” to continue.

Next, select the task trigger of your choice. A trigger is nothing more than the time at which a task should be started. I chose “Daily”. This means that the task will be started daily.

Next, you will be prompted to configure additional trigger settings. If you select “Daily,” you will be prompted to configure the start date and the number of times the task repeats. If other trigger options are selected, other trigger settings may appear.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want the task to run as soon as you start your computer, select the “At logon” or “At computer startup” option.

Select “Run Program” and click “Next”.

Click the “Browse” button, select the browser exe file and click “Open”.

After adding the browser, enter the URL in the “Add Argument” field. Click “Next” to proceed.

Confirm the settings you have just made and click “Finish” to complete the task creation procedure. You have successfully used the Task Scheduler to schedule the Web page to launch at the required time. To verify that the scheduled task has been executed correctly, right-click on the schedule and select ” Run “.

We hope this simple and easy guide to working with Windows has been helpful.

If you get stuck or need help, send us an email. However, this is the easy part. Here is how to rename a scheduled task in Windows.

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