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Microsoft Store offers several free games. Here are some of the best free games in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and 11.

You don’t always have to play the latest and greatest AAA games when you feel bored and lazy. You can also play some simple and great free games on the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store has several free games in almost every genre. Here are some of the best free games from the Microsoft Store that you can download and play on Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.

Note: The games listed below can be played on Windows 11 and 10.

Best Free Games in Microsoft Store

Here is a list of the best free games in Microsoft Store.

  1. Sniper Fury
  2. Asphalt 9: Legends
  3. Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes
  4. Race for Hills 2
  5. <7 Township

  6. Clash of Castles. etc. World Ruler
  7. Fallen Asylum
  8. GT Racing 2: A True Automotive Experience
  9. Chess Lv. B.
  10. <7chess lv.100

  11. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends
  12. King’s Rebellion 2
  13. Can You Escape 2

1. SniperFury

Sniper Fury is, as you know, a first-person shooter with an emphasis on sniping people from a distance. The gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward. Each mission has its own objective, and you have to complete it as perfectly as possible to get better XP and loot. The good thing is that “Sniper Fury” is not just a sniper shooter. Some missions require you to play with a regular assault rifle. Money and XP earned from missions can be used to upgrade your weapons.

Sniper Fury is recommended for those looking for a simple shooter with multiple missions of increasing difficulty.

Download Sniper Fury from the MS Store. Asphalt 9: Legends

When it comes to racing games, “Asphalt” is a big name. In “Asphalt 9 Legends,” you can choose from a variety of car models and locations to race. Unlike the old “Asphalt” games, the environment in “Legends” is a bit more lively. Additionally, the dashboard controls and suggestions make driving fun.

The career mode offers more than 800 races and 60 seasons to play through. And best of all, you can create your own little club with like-minded friends. Unlock rewards for new stages and get to the top of the leaderboard with your club members.

As good as the game is, it is filled with microtransactions and loot boxes, just like any other racing game.

Download Asphalt 9: Legends from the MS Store.

3: Hidden Crimes

If you are interested in games that hide objects and clues, this game is for you.

The game involves finding clues and hidden items, solving crimes, and catching bad guys.

The game has 30 locations and over 1000 tasks and crimes to solve.

Download Murder Squad: Hill Climb Racing 2

If you like endless running style games, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a fun game on your PC. If you have never played Hill Climb Racing before, it is obvious. However, it requires patience, quick thinking, and quick decisions to run long distances.

Unlike version 1, Hill Climb Racing 2 offers several additional features, including weekly multiplayer events, character and vehicle customization, multiple racing environments, and challenges for friends.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 from the MS Store.

5. Town

Is it your job to build towns, develop the economy, and keep people happy? Township is the game for you. Township is more of a town or farm simulation game. In the game, you can develop your community or town by harvesting, processing your produce, and selling your goods.

The best part is that you can build your town as you like. You can also run your own zoo with a variety of animals.

As a city building game, expect lots of timers and microtransactions. Additionally, an active internet connection is required to play this game.

Download Township from the MS Store.

6. Castle Clash: World Ruler

Castle Clash: World Ruler is an online multiplayer tower defense game. In this tower defense game, players build their own small castle and strategically place defense equipment, troops, heroes, and magic systems to defend it. You can attack and be attacked by other players online.

Occasionally, your tower will be attacked. If your defenses are high, you can withstand the attack. If not, the attacker will destroy your castle and take your loot. Of course, they can also attack other players to get loot and money.

As a multiplayer game, you can join various alliances. Joining an alliance allows you to give and receive help from other players while your castle is under attack.

Download Castle Clash: World Ruler from the MS Store.

Note: Microsoft recently discontinued Age of Empires Castle Siege. So we replaced it with Castle Clash, a similar game that is highly rated.

7. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a serious Bethesda game. Unlike its AAA counterparts, Fallout Shelter is an architecture and management simulation game. In the game, you are a supervisor who takes care of a particular shelter that protects people from the effects of the wasteland.

As a supervisor, you build new rooms and bring new residents to the shelter. The more residents and happier they are, the higher your score. You can also craft valuable items from junk you pick up in wastelands and mental hospitals.

Of course, sometimes you have to defend your shelter from outside threats.

Download Fallout Shelter from MS Store/Xbox (free).

8. GT Racing 2: Real Car Experience

If you want a realistic racing experience, GT Racing is for you. GT Racing 2 stands out compared to Asphalt 9: Legends due to its physics model that delivers realistic racing dynamics. It doesn’t have the realism of a AAA-class game, but it comes close, even though it is free.

You can play individually through the career mode or against online players. Yes, it is multiplayer online as well.

Other game features include, but are not limited to, dynamic day/night situations, realistic cars from over 30 car manufacturers, classic races, one-on-one, knockouts, and overtaking. In total, there are over 1000 racing events available. If you want, you can even join a team and race together or against each other.

If you like racing games, give GT Racing 2 a try, you may not be disappointed.

Download GT Racing 2 from MS Store.

9. The Chess Lv.100

If you like free board games like chess, The Chess Lv.100 is a great game. This game has 100 levels to play.

As expected, level 1 is suitable for beginners and level 100 is difficult. There is also a hint system to assist players. In addition, you can record your play and see where you went wrong.

Simply put, if you like chess, give this game a try. Not only does it look great, but it has excellent game mechanics that improve the overall game.

Download Chess Lv.100 from the MS Store.

10. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Iron Blade Medieval Legends is a medieval role playing game. In the game, you are one of thousands of players on a mission to save mankind and dispose of the demon king Baal. While completing quests, you will defeat countless threats. Unlike other RPGs, “Iron Blade” is an action-packed game that allows you to establish your own fighting style.

Not only can you fight demons and other threats, but you can also attack players in PvP to steal their resources.

If you like action RPGs set in the Middle Ages, “Iron Sword Mediary Legends” is for you.

Download “Iron Blade: Medieval Legends ” from the MS Store.

11. Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is a simple tower defense game with plenty of action and strategy. Similar to “Age of Empires Castle Siege” (no longer available), players can build their own defense paths to make it harder for other players to destroy and loot the defense lines.

You can also lead your own army to attack other players. The loot accumulated by conquest can be used to upgrade weapons and armor.

Download Royal Revolt 2 from the MS Store.

12. Can you escape 2

I like escape games where you have to find clues and escape from a room. The premise of the game is simple: you are looking for a new apartment and the agent you consulted has scheduled a tour of the apartment. Little do you know that you are trapped in a locked and dangerous apartment and your life is in danger. To escape, you must find clues, solve puzzles, and decipher codes.

If you like exciting gameplay and are detail-oriented, Can You Escape 2 is one of the best games for you.

Download Can You Escape 2 from the MS Store.

That’s all. Here are some of the best free games in the Microsoft Store. Of course, they are not the only ones, but they do the job of most casual gamers. So give them a try and see if they suit you.

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