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Windows uses the default name defined by the manufacturer as the printer name. This section describes how to rename a printer in the Windows operating system.

When you connect a printer to Windows, the driver is automatically installed, appears as a printer, and is immediately available on the Printers and Scanners page. By default Windows uses the default printer name as the actual printer name.

For most people, the default printer name is sufficient. In many cases, the default printer name contains essential information such as the manufacturer’s name and model number. Simply put, the default printer name is sometimes useful.

But what if you have two printers with the same name, or if you don’t like the default printer name because it contains an arbitrary string or model number? For example, one of my relatives has two HP printers, but they use the same name because they are the same model. As you might guess, this can be a bit confusing. So I had to change the HP printer name so that he can distinguish between the two and use whichever he prefers.

Obviously Windows doesn’t do that, but the good news is that it is fairly easy to change the name of the printer in Windows. All it takes is a few mouse clicks.

Here are the steps to rename a printer in Windows 11 and 10 operating systems.


Important note: Note that all network connections to the printer will be lost if the printer is renamed.Note: All network connections to the printer will be lost if the printer is renamed. You must restore the connection to the renamed printer.

Renaming a Printer from Settings

The Windows Settings application allows you to rename a printer to any name you like. All you have to do is find the printer and edit its properties. This is pretty easy.

  1. How to open “Settings” with ” Win + I “.
  2. Select ” Bluetooth &; devices ” in the sidebar.
  3. Click ” Printers and Scanners “.
  4. Click on the selected ” Printers “.
  5. Click ” Printer Properties” .
  6. Click ” Change Properties ” button.
  7. Enter the new printer name in the box above.
  8. Click the ” OK ” button.
  9. Exit the configuration application.
  10. This renames the printer to .

Detailed steps:

Start the configuration application with ” Start key + I “. Go to the “Bluetooth & Device & Printer & Scanner ” page. Here you will see all printers and scanners connected to your computer.

Click on the printer you wish to rename. For example, you want to change the name of the printer to “Microsoft Print to PDF”.

On this page, click Printer Properties .

Next, make sure you are on the ” General ” tab and click the ” Change Settings ” button.

Then type Selected Name in the box above and click the ” OK ” button.

Close the Settings App .

Open the Settings app again and go to the “Bluetooth and Devices and Printers and Scanners” page to see the printer you renamed. If it does not appear, we recommend a system reboot.

Rename Printer command in Windows

Using the PowerShell command prompt, you can rename the printer with the Rename-Printer command. This method is useful for automation and scripting. Here is how to do it.

First, you must run PowerShell as an administrator. To do this, right click on the Start menu and select the “Windows Terminal (Administrator)” option.

Make sure the PowerShell tab is open in the Terminal window. Open “Windows PowerShell” from the drop-down menu in the title bar and

run the following command to get the printer name. Next, copy the name of the printer you wish to rename.


Once you have obtained the printer name, replace “Old_Name” with the name you just copied and “New_Name” with the name you want to assign and run the following command.


Close the terminal window after executing the command. Now open the configuration application and go to the page where you see the printer with the new name. If you do not see it, reboot the system to apply the changes.

That’s it. It is as easy as renaming a printer in Windows.

We hope you find this simple and easy guide to working with Windows helpful.

If you get stuck or need help, please comment below and we will do our best to help.

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