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Want to open two or more applications at the same time? Windows allows you to run multiple programs with a single shortcut. Here is how to do it.

It is natural for most users to run two or more programs as soon as possible after starting up their computer. In fact, for most Windows users, this is muscle memory. For example, as soon as you log in, you launch a variety of programs, such as Grammarly, ShareX, OneDrive, and so on. In addition, some applications start working with the help of, or depend on, other applications.

If, like me, you routinely open the same programs one after another, you may have wondered if there is a way to open multiple programs simultaneously. After all, reducing workloads and increasing efficiency are essential for productivity.

Windows does not have a built-in mechanism, but you can do it with one simple trick.That is, create one shortcut that runs multiple programs simultaneously. Yes, similar to the “one ring to rule them all”. If desired, you can also use the Task Scheduler to run shortcuts with specific triggers.

will show you how to open or run multiple programs with a single shortcut in the Windows OS.

The following procedure works the same in Windows 10 and 11.

Running multiple programs with one shortcut

There are two basic steps to opening multiple programs with one shortcut. First, you must create a batch file containing all the program entries. Second, you must create a shortcut to run the batch file. It looks complicated, but it is quite easy.

Let me show you the whole process in four easy steps.

1. Copy the program file path .

The first step is to get the file path of the program you want to run as a shortcut. You will need these paths to add them to your batch file.

To do this, find the program’s shortcut, right-click on it, and select the “Properties” option. On the General tab, look in the Target column to get the path to the program. It is recommended that you select the path to the program and copy it to a text file.

While using the path, note that in the batch file the path is divided into two parts: the “Start in” and the “Executable” part.

2. Create package file .

Once the program path is determined, a new package file must be created.

In Notepad, replace the dummy path and executable file name with the actual path and file name and paste the following code. You can add as many programs as you like. Just reproduce the lines cd and start between echo and exit.

As I said before, split the path to the file you just retrieved into two parts, ie.

For example, the file path “C:werehyUsersvamsi AppData GuaranteeLocal OneDrive.exe” should be split into “C:werehyUsersvamsi AppData GuaranteeLocal OneDrive” and”OneDrive.exe” is split into “OneDrive.exe”. Be sure to enclose the program path in quotation marks when inserting it into the batch file.


After replacing the dummy path and the executable file, you should see the following As you can see in the image below, we have added four programs to the batch file.

3. Save the package file .

After adding the package code, you need to save the file. To do so, click on “File > Save as.

Select any location and enter a name with “.bat” at the end in the “File Name” field. Select “All Files” from the “Save Type” pull-down menu. Click the “Save” button. For example, the file name is “startPrograms.bat”.

Close the Notepad application.

To verify that the batch file works, send the file and double-click the batch file you created. All programs should open immediately.

4. Create a shortcut to open multiple programs at once .

In most cases, you can use the batch file as is. That is, you can double-click on the batch file and it will run immediately.

If necessary, you can create a special shortcut. The advantage is that you can attach it to the taskbar or start menu.

To begin, right-click on the batch file and select the “Copy as path” option to copy the path to the file.

Right click on the desktop and select “New”.

Paste the copied file path into the space provided and click the “Next” button.

Give the shortcut a name of your choice and click the “Finish” button.

That’s it. So you have a shortcut. From now on, you can run multiple programs with one shortcut.

It is very easy to run multiple programs with one shortcut.

We hope this brief guide to working with Windows will help you.

If you get stuck or need help, please comment below.

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