How to change the region or country in windows 11

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If the current country or region information is incorrect, you can change it. Here are the steps to change the region or country in Windows 11.

When you first install or upgrade Windows 11, you will be prompted to set your country or region. This is one of the initial installation requirements. It is important to select the correct region because the applications, settings, and configurations available vary by country. For example, different regions may have specific applications available, applications with different names, or different system languages.

If the current region or country settings in Windows 11 are incorrect, you will need to change them accordingly. For example, if you move to a new region, it is useful to set it accordingly. The good news is that changing regions in Windows 11 is easy. Just a few clicks in the Windows 11 Settings app and the job is done.

Now let me show you the steps to change the region in Windows 11, along with some screenshots. Specifically, from the Language and Region tab. Here is where the Windows 11 regional options are located and how to change them.

  1. Go to “Settings” by pressing “Start” + “I”.
  2. Select “Time and Language” from the sidebar.
  3. Select “Language & region”.
  4. Select a region from the “Country & Region” drop-down menu.
  5. Changes are automatically saved.
  6. This completes the region change in Windows 11.

As with most things, you must first open the “Settings” app in Windows 11. Click on the keyboard shortcut “Start key + I” or the “Settings” icon on the Start menu.

In the Settings app, select “Time and Language” in the sidebar. As the name implies, this tab contains most of the options for changing and controlling the time, language, region, text, sound, etc. in Windows 11.

Find and click the “Country and Region” option on this page. Here you can set the display language, country, regional format, etc.

Select a country or region from the “Country or Region” drop-down menu.

Only once you have selected a country, changes are automatically saved. Exit the “Settings” application.

Finally, restart your computer and you are done. This completes the change of region or country in Windows 11.

That is all. It is very easy to change the region or country in Windows 11.

We hope this simple and easy guide to working with Windows 11 will help you.

If you get stuck or need help, please comment below and we will do our best to help.

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