How to change the border color in windows 11

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Don’t like the default window frame color? Here are some simple steps to quickly and easily change the frame color in Windows 11.

One of the latest additions in Windows 10 and 11 is the ability to add a frame color to the active window. As you might imagine, this frame makes it easier to distinguish the active window from other windows. Without a border color, it would be difficult to distinguish between multiple windows. This is especially true when windows overlap each other or when using a dark theme.

By default, Windows 11 uses the selected accent color as the border color. If you do not like the current border color, you can change it with a few mouse clicks.

This quick and easy Windows guide will show you how to change the border color in Windows 11. It is very easy and the “Settings” app provides the necessary options.

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Changing Border Color in Windows

To change border color, you must use the Settings app. Specifically, you need to change the accent color to change the frame color in Windows 11. That’s all you need to do.

  1. Open Settings in Windows 11.
  2. Go to the Personalization page.
  3. Click on “Colors”.
  4. On the “Accent Color” tab, select an accent color.
  5. This will instantly change the color of the frame.
  6. Settings are automatically saved.
  7. You can safely exit the “Settings” application.

Detailed instructions:

Open the Windows 11 Settings application. You can use the “Windows key + I” key combination or find it in the “Start” menu. Of course, there are other ways as well. Such as clicking on the “Settings” icon in the Quick Settings Panel (Win + A).

Once you have opened the “Settings” application, click on “Personalization” in the sidebar to display that page. Most of the visual customization options for Windows 11 can be found here. Here, click on “Colors”.

Then scroll down and expand the “Accent Colors” tab. Next, select the accent color of your choice. If you do not like the preset color, click on the “View Color” button next to “Custom Color” and select the desired color.

On Windows, the frame color will be applied as soon as you select it.

Changes made in the “Settings” application are automatically saved. You can safely exit the “Settings” application.


1. Can I use custom colors for the border color?

Yes, you can set the border color with a custom color. Go to the “Customize> Colors” page and click on the “View Colors” button. Select the desired color and click the “Done” button. You have now set the custom border color in Windows 11. The border around the window is not visible.

If you do not see the border color, the Border Color option may not be turned on. You can turn on the border color on the Settings > Customize > Colors page. Here are the detailed steps – How to turn on border color in Windows 11

3. Unable to change frame color in Windows 11

First, make sure the window’s frame color option is turned on. If not, turn it on. The Explorer process may have stopped and the changes have not been applied. Therefore, restart your computer after changing the frame color. After restarting, the frame color should change.

That’s all. It is very easy to change the border color in Windows 11.

We hope this brief guide to working with Windows has been helpful to you.

If you get stuck or need help, send us an email and we will do our best to help.

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